PLAIN AND SIMPLE| A good movie to watch

YOU watch the news on TV and you hate it because some visuals are so gory. Revolting -that’s what some of them are.

You read the news and you know some articles are untrue, invented and clear propaganda. You read stories of hope, but you also read stories of intrigue and useless prattles of politicians for media mileage.

After so many years in this world, and looking forward to my retirement years, I want to read something that edifies my soul, calms my nerves, and eases the stresss and pains of the rigors of daily living.

But what do you have? All these intrigues, death and destruction, and endless prattles are all for naught.

My second son said, ” Pa if you have time, tan-aw ug Coco”.

What is that? I asked. He said, “it’s a movie. Just while away your time and enjoy the movie”. I told him I will try to catch it.

Intrigued by what my son suggested, I went to see Coco at a downtown movie house. The billboard looked unassuming at the entrance of the cinema, but since, my son who is into indie filmaking, suggested   “to while away my time, and maybe just laugh,” I said, sige.

Even during the beginning of the film, I was already drawn to the work of the artist behind the movie. It’s a cartoon, and since I love cartoon, I stayed a little longer.

The movie – all of its elements – drew me to its plot and characterization.

I was attracted to the cartoon and the man or men behind it because of their ability to make the characters plausible

After more than an hour, I must say it was really a good movie. I enjoyed it not because I had a good laugh but because I was so amazed at the execution of the drawing and design. And also I learned about how the Mexicans believe in their afterlife.

Of course, the plot’s twists and turns amazed me too. But I was hooked to other things that tickled my heart and my soul.

Given the stupidity of the kind of politics we have, I would rather go to a movie like Coco that relaxes my nerves and edifies my faith. I love to draw, and this movie resurrects my passion for doing charcoal.

After years of working so hard, you would rather think of things that calms your soul, visuals that inspire your creativity (again), and talk that lightens the path to your retirement.

So in case you want to enjoy the colors and kaleidoscope of life, try Coco. And by the way, for those whose tears come easy, this movie will make you cry. Sorry for being a spoiler.

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