Pitao’s son tagged in attack of firm

AUTHORITIES have been looking for proofs that would link Ryan Pitao, son of slain New People’s Army rebel leader Leoncio Pitao, into the attack on the Apex Mining company on Sunday evening in Maco, Compostela Valley.

Lt. Alexandre Cabales, spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division, said there were indications that Pitao’s group was the who attacked the mining company’s base in Masara and torched the guardhouse as they also tried to burn a heavy equipment but the soldiers were able to stop their action.

Cabales said Pitao may have been looking at ways to gain prominence in the rebel movement following the death of his father a month ago.

Investigators theorized that Ryan’s group tried to extort from the company and when it did not give in to their demands, they tried to destroy its equipment.

The military report claimed the rebels used two security guards as shields when they retreated and released them later. The report said the security guard could prove that Pitao was behind the attacked.

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