Piñol says e-poll survey results enough to warranty firms’ probe

FORMER governor Emmanuel F. Piñol believes the results of his e-poll, which ended last Saturday, will provide enough basis to urge senate to investigate the operations of survey firms in the country.

At Monday’s Kapehan sa Dabaw forum, Piñol said the survey, at their final count had 5,214 respondents—voting mostly for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as their top presidential choice—proves that what is coming out of national survey firms showing Vice President Jejomar Binay as primary candidate is false.

“For so long we have believed their results. It sends a subliminal message. I am afraid of the bandwagon effect [this causes], right now they say Binay is leading despite the allegations against him, this survey says otherwise,” he said.

Binay is facing several corruption accusations, which include the overpricing of certain Makati city facilities under his term as mayor, and owning a 350-hectare property in Batangas.

While he admitted that they did not have an exact figure to quantify the margin of error of the e-poll, he said it provides enough to present the real feelings of the people.

“I’m calling on the senate to conduct an investigation into these so called public opinion polling groups,” he said.

Piñol added the information coming out of these national polling firms, if they are wrong, can even lead to wrong creation of public policy.

Duterte meanwhile, in a separate interview said regulating the survey firms is not necessary because being a democratic republic, these firms can put out information based on the data they garnered.

“They are entitled to their foolishness,” he has said.

However, Piñol said any activity that shapes the perception of the masses should be regulated.

“What I am saying is, yes, they are free to conduct surveys, but when you are conducting a survey whose effect will affect people especially before an important electoral exercise, you should be subject to regulation,” said the former governor.

Piñol launched his “boosted” survey last Nov.12 during the AFP-PNP press forum at the Royal Mandaya hotel.

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