PEF eyes council endorsement to study eagle pair that hatched egg

The Philippine Eagle Foundation has sought the endorsement of the city council for a study that would closely monitor an eagle pair in Barangay Sibulan.

The endorsement would allow the non-profit to freely conduct their research in a portion of the city.

Dennis Salvador, executive director of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, in a letter to the city council, said that a pair of critically endangered birds hatched their egg last February 2018 in Barangay Sibulan.

As part of their effort to conserve the eagles, the foundation is closely monitoring the eagle pair and their young to keep them safe from harm.

“With the successful hatching of the egg, the Philippine Eagle would like to install GPS/GSM satellite transmitters, one for each of male, female and their young and to document and film the eaglet and its eagle parents, with the Silverback Productions of UK, and use the footage as conservation and education audio-visual material to generate public awareness whether in the local or international,” Salvador said.

“We wish to seek your favorable endorsement of our proposal. Your endorsement will be appended to our request for a Gratuitous Permit to tag and film the birds with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources,” Salvador said.

He added that there is a need to constantly monitor the resident eagles at Sibulan and keep them safe from human harm as its nest sire is near to the human settlements which make the eagles vulnerable to shooting, hunting and trapping.

The item was passed on first reading last May 8 and referred to as the Committee on Rules, Privileges, Laws, and Ordinances.

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