Peace panels eyes new BBL to be submitted in 3 months

THE IMPLEMENTING panels of the government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MILF) are eyeing the submission of the draft for the new Bangsamoro enabling law to Congress  by June this year.

Irene Santiago, GPH Implementing Panel Chair for the Bangsamoro, in her speech during the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the Signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) that the implementing panels are already working on the program of normalization which includes decommissioning of combatants, transforming the war affected communities into productive and peaceful places, and implementing recommendations of the Transitional Justice Reconciliation Commission on the Bangsamoro, primarily the establishment of the National Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission on the Bangasamoro (NTJRCB).

The NTJRCB will deal with issues of historical injustice, human rights violation and land dispossession, which lie at the core of the protracted conflict.

 “We have a timeline that by June, it should be filed at the congress so that the President can certify it as urgent by July when he makes the state of the nation address,” she said.

She also said that the implementing panels are not starting from scratch, citing that the first BTC had to go a lengthy process to draft the basic law.

“We are now almost finished with the confidence building projects on the six camps that the peace implementing panels have acknowledged,” she added.

Santiago further added that, “they are already in the process of preparations for the decommissioning, so that when the BBL moves then decommissioning can also move very fast since there are about 9,000 combatants subject for the decommissioning.”

“We are in fact preparing for the entire normalization so that everything hands together. We are going from transition to transformation,” she said.

The transition process will ensure all the basic services that are needed by the deprived communities to continue after six years.

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