PDEA focuses on party drugs on Araw ng Dabaw festivities

THE PHILIPPINE Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) XI is on the lookout for party drugs that might be smuggled in the city in time for the Araw ng Davao festivities.

However, Antonio Rivera, director of PDEA XI, told reporters yesterday in a press conference held at Royal Mandaya Hotel, clarified that they received no intelligence report that point to any attempt to sneak in designer drugs.

“This is in preparation for the coming Araw ng Davao,” he said. “As you can see, there are a lot of activities during the celebration which might be used or taken advantage of by drug syndicates,” Rivera said.

He said police officers and undercover agents will be deployed to make sure the street parties, rave parties and concerts will be clean.

“These party drugs include ecstasy in the form of tablet, liquid and powder,” he said. “The fly-high drug is very dangerous, which is composed of a little amount of ecstasy, shabu and Cialis (Chinese name for Viagra),” he explained.

But he said that the drug is very expensive and has never been documented in Davao City. One capsule of the fly-high drug can cost of P1,500 to P3,500.

Nephi Noli Dimaandal, spokesperson of PDEA XI, said the most commonly used illegal drugs in the region remain to be shabu and marijuana. But ecstasy and date rape drugs are also becoming more common. He warned women to be extra careful about whom they drink with.

On Tuesday, the PDEA coordinated with the Philippine Postal Service and the Bureau of Customs to check for any drugs brought in through a courier. “It turned our negative so there are no party drugs being sent here through courier,” he said.

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