Parts of city submerged

MAJOR parts of the city were flooded after heavy rains hit the city on Monday night.

The City Disaster Risk Response and Disaster Management Office (CDRRMO) said flood hit parts of Barangays 19-B in Poblacion District; Bucana, Matina Aplaya, Matina Crossing, Matina Pangi, Catalunan Grande, Talomo Proper (Bangkal), all in Talomo District; Panacan (Malagamot), Ilang, Bunawan Proper, all in Bunawan District and Mandug in Buhangin District.

The Poblacion and Talomo are in the first district while Bunawan and Buhagin are both in the second district.

As of Tuesday morning, the CDRRMO listed 295 families affected by the flood.

 According to the Barangay Disaster Risk Response and Management Council of Matina Crossing, there were around 160 families who were evacuated to the barangay hall.

 Some residents from the Arroyo Compound in the adjacent Barangay Matina Pangi also took shelter at the barangay hall of Matina Crossing.

 The City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) is checking reports of at least seven totally damaged houses at the San Isidro Village and Lower Arroyo compound in Matina area.

 Vehicles were stalled on the streets from Monday night until yesterday morning.

 Drivers refused to cross the Balusong Bridge starting Monday midnight after water from the Balusong (Matina) River overflowed across MacArthur Highway.

CDRRMO reports said water level was waist-high in areas like Barangay 19-B and Bucana, where there were reports of residents who refused to evacuate.

Barangay officials evacuated residents in the commonly flooded areas of the Arroyo Compound in Barangay Matina Pangi, and the NHA area in Bangkal, Barangay Talomo Proper.

 Heavy flooding also blocked the road in Bunawan, with roads closed in the area until around noon yesterday.

 The local government established evacuation areas in the Samantha Homes Gym and Barangay Hall, with similar responses for other areas.
At least one responder from Barangay Matina Crossing suffered minor wounds during the rescue operations on Monday night. No fatality was reported.

With water already subsiding in the morning of Tuesday, local officials such as those from Barangay Matina Crossing said there is no need to declare a state of calamity as the Local Government Code defines that 20 percent of the population should be affected by the incident before such declaration.

 The barangay has around 47,000 population, with only around 600 affected by the floods.

 However, the local government is still verifying the assistance it could give, especially to those whose houses were totally damaged.

 In 2011, a flashflood killed 31 in Matina Crossing and Matina Pangi when nighttime rains overflowed the nearby Matina River.

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