Paradigm Shift: Who are Fethulah Gulen and Andrew Brunson?

Those who are embedded in a government help these students find a job in the government as well as be fast-tracked in their promotions to positions in the organization. Their moving up the group’s ladder also allows them to be effective in the government as well.

Reciprocally, as they progress in their position in the government, they simultaneously move up in their position in the group. The government institution can be in any field from education, health, social welfare, finance, and police, to sports, military, and the judiciary because their goal and aim is to take over that entity, so that whatever governmental position is available, one of their members can move in to take it.

The other students who have contact with the group via their training centers, private high schools, tutoring centers, language prep courses, and cultural presentations are brainwashed to be its followers.

In the past the group took influential people on free trips to Turkey, but those largely successful bribes stopped because Erdogan and Gulen became arch enemies in 2013, when Erdogan accused Gulen of instigating the corruption investigation against him. Some of those who visited Turkey became sympathizers, viewing the organization and Fetullah Gulen in quite a positive way, which proved advantageous as group members received contracts and positions from the visitors later.

The other business that is important to the organization is media and publishing companies. Until a few years ago, the newspapers with the highest circulation in Turkey were in Gulen’s control. But the followers manipulated the subscription rate of the 12 main newspapers altering the number of circulation, so that it was estimated that his main newspaper was one of the most read in Turkey. In addition to the newspapers, they had TV and radio channels, news websites, and all other media related outlets. The result was that they could influence public opinion; probably much more than any other group in Turkey, They also had print media and television stations in Europe, the USA, and other countries. These businesses, educational institutions, and media outlets operated legally and created a legal image.

Concerning the alleged dark side of the group, neither many outsiders nor insiders know about it.

Followers who have responsibilities in the government are quiet like sleeper cells. Day to day, they just do what they need to do, but when it comes to something related to the interests of the group, they do everything to make it happen; it can be accomplished via legal or illegal means. For example, one of the followers of the group is a policeman. He can allegedly fabricate evidence for the prosecution, even if there is no basis for an attorney to prosecute.

An individual does not need to do anything to find that he has been determined to be a member of this newly contrived cult group, one now considered by the Turkish group as a terror group, but one the individual never heard of. The policeman can just fabricate the evidence. To be continued
Dr. Aland Mizell is President of the MCI and a regular contributor to Mindanao Times. You may email the author

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