Paradigm Shift | Pres. Donald Trump’s team doesn’t have power plan to define new strategy in Syria

THERE is no doubt the President’s team Pompeo-Bolton team will present the most significant challenge to Iran’s foreign policy in more than three decades. President Trump in selecting John Bolton as his new national security adviser and Mike Pompeo as his secretary of state, Trump has two of the most hawkish Republicans in his team. John Bolton is his third national security advisor. There is no doubt Trump’s new foreign policy team will certainly increase pressure on Tehran from all angles, including putting more pressure on regional countries and U.S. allies to distance themselves from Iran.  For example Turkey. This will have a negative impact on the Iran-Ankara cooperation not only in economic and trade matters but also in other areas.   “If anyone seeks to betray the nuclear deal, they should know that they cannot escape its “grave consequences,” President Hassan Rouhani of Iran warned on Tuesday in an open reference to U.S. President Donald Trump who has repeatedly threatened to destroy the international agreement.

The problem is the United States lacks a proper strategy towards the Middle East and Syria. Trump’s former Secretary of the State, Tillerson argued that American troops are fighting the terrorist in Syria to prevent them at home. The second reason America fighting in Syria is to protect Israel from Iran. The problem is that because American invasion, Iran took control over Iraq, now Iran is big power player in Syria case as well. America taught removing Assad from his power, will be easy for them to do regime change in Iran and reduce Israel threat from Iran. America failing to support Kurdish independent In Iraq lost true allies in the region. President Trump is hoping to engage Russia to contain Russia is almost laughable

One of the biggest ongoing problems of U.S. foreign policy is a failure to understand what America really up against. The United States foreign policy still based on cold war policy. The recent limited military intervention performed by Trump has been based on this same strategy. The United States doesn’t have the power to plan and define a new strategy in Syria and Middle East. Russia, Turkey and Iran are the power play but this can be change near future.

The fact is that Americans failing support for Iraqi Kurds and Defeating ISIS in Syria has made the worst possible impact on the United States and its allies. The United States has faced some kind of strategic confusion in Syria. Because of lack of strategy the U.S has lost most of its power in Syria and let Russia took in charge of region. On the one hand, the United States is now faced with serious security, military and financial consequences of backing and supporting other rebel groups in Syria. It’s impossible for the U.S. authorities to define a new strategy in the region. We can see the result of this confusion in the behavior of U.S. officials towards Syria

If President Donald Trump wants to secure America’s defenses, he should require all American diplomats and Foreign Service officers to study doctrines of Middle East and people who live there, as well as the history of Middle Eastern people then they might come up with the right correct policy.

(Dr. Aland Mizell is President of the MCI and a regular contributor to Mindanao Times. You may e-mail the author at:



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