Overwhelming support

6 in 10 residents pledge support for Duterte if he runs for president
MORE than 6 in 10 Davaoenos will vote for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte if he decides to run for the presidency, according to the survey by the University of Mindanao’s Institute for Popular Opinion (IPO).The survey polled the responses of 1,200 residents from all three districts of Davao City on Oct. 6-17, and 66% of them said they will support Duterte.

The rest of the candidates who have already been identified as potential candidates trail by huge margins, with Jejomar Binay (7.7%), Joseph Ejercito Estrada (6.9%), President Aquino (6.7%) and Grace Poe (5.9).

Around 79% of poll respondents who said they would vote for Duterte believed that he would make a good leader.

Other reasons cited were as follows: being brave (17%); can implement peace and order (15%) and rule of law (5%); 3% believes he can address the corruption problem that plagues the country, can lead the country towards development (3%), and can make government officials function well (3%).

Two in 100 Dabawenyos also believe that he has the skills, experience and wisdom to do functions of a good president, with one percent citing the mayor’s support for the poor, sick and elderly (1%); poverty and hunger (1%); and that he will never be budged by bribe money of unscrupulous businessmen (1%).

“Dabawenyos will support Rody because they are bound to as he is their Mayor who has heart for the poor but hard to criminals. It was observed that there is ‘Duterte fanatism’ and they surely will support him all the way,” the survey said.

However, the survey said some Davaoenos will not vote for Duterte for the following reasons:

they want him to be just their Mayor (10%);

they took his words that he won’t run (6%);

he is too old (4.5%), sick (2.2%) and he won’t survive the politics in Manila (3.8%);

Davao City will be left behind if he becomes president (2%);

he cannot win because he has no money, no support from big politicians and businessmen and he has no political machinery (1.5%).

Duterte has repeatedly said that he won’t run for president, and has even threatened those who continue to campaign for him.

Barangay Captain Mar Masanguid, along with the other village officials and some businessmen in the city, have launched the “Duterte for President 2016” movement. As of last report already gathered more than 11 million signatures nationwide.