Outdated CCTVs hinder no-contact apprehension

The city can’t yet implement the no-contact apprehension for traffic violations due to outdated closed-circuit televisions (CCTV).

“As of now, the no-contact apprehension is not yet implemented because we still have to upgrade the CCTVs,” said Dionisio Abude, the chief of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO).

But Abude said they are moving closer to implementing the no-contact apprehension.

Abude said he will meet today with representatives of the contractor, Abratique and Associates, Inc., to finalize the repairs and upgrades of the traffic lights and the CCTVs around the city.

Abude said they are also discussing the issue on how the CTTMO can take over the control of the CCTVs, which is still under the direct supervision of the Public Safety Security Command Center (PSSCC).

“We want the control on, say, the flashing, the rotation of the cameras, and others,” said Abude.

He added that they need the CCTV monitors in their office to oversee not just the traffic situation but also the activities of the CTTMO personnel.

“We still have to call the PSSCC if we want to rotate the cameras,” he said explaining that the takeover of the control would ease their operations.

Abude also cited that among their demands is to have a local technical staff that the contractor shall guide for a transfer of knowledge in the management of the traffic lights.

“They should also provide for an engineer to be based here in Davao for easier contact in times that the lights and the CCTVs will break (down),” said Abude.

Abude said that 23 of the 65 traffic lights in the city’s main intersections are defective.

Out of the 23 defective lights, 11 are non-functional while the 12 others need replacement on cooling fan and other spare parts.

The repair is pegged at P11 million. The P10 million is set to be from the CTTMO while the other P1 million is eyed to be from the City Administrator’s Office.

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