On the watchlist

- Foreigners with possible ties to local terror groups sneak into Mindanao: police

The Police Regional Office XI confirmed the intelligence report regarding foreign nationals who sneaked into Mindanao and might be working with local Islamic extremists in Mindanao.

Chief Insp. Milgrace Driz, the regional police spokesperson, said they are working with their counterparts in the military in intensifying their intelligence monitoring of these foreign terrorists.
Although she could not say how many, she did say that they are Indonesians.

“I know the names are already in the intelligence network and we are just monitoring the possible development if there are other foreigners who are planning to enter (here),” Driz told reporters yesterday during the AFP-PNP press briefing held at Royal Mandaya hotel.

Chief Supt. Marcelo Morales, the regional police director, has already directed the lower units to be on the lookout and listen to the chatter to confirm the intel report.

“We will monitor them, get some data then submit to the higher office,” Morales said. “And we should not be complacent.”

However, he also said that there’s no cause for alarm because the law enforcement agencies are collaborating to ward off the terror threat.

He said Mindanao is still on full alert status due to Martial Law.

PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde also directed the whole police force to be extra vigilant.
Meanwhile, Capt. Jerry Lamosao , the spokesperson of 10th Infantry Division, said they have intensified the security checkpoints in their area of jurisdiction.

“We have also intensified the information-gathering to prevent the plans of the terrorist group and for the possible spillover (of violence) coming nearby areas,” he added.

On Tuesday, Sept. 11, the Philippine National Police monitored foreigners who used backdoors to enter Mindanao.

Albayalde said that based on their monitoring, some foreigners came from Indonesia.

“We are monitoring alleged foreigners but we cannot confirm whether they are terrorists or Islamic of State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) members, we can’t confirm that yet,” he said.

Albayalde said they are also deepening their investigation into the bombings in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat and Lamitan, Basilan to determine if they are part of a larger plan. But he added that the police could not do it alone. The community should be very active in providing the extra eyes and ears to the law enforcers to thwart attacks.

The PNP has filed two separate criminal cases for murder and multiple frustrated murder before the Regional Trial Court Branch 2 of Isabela City against 18 suspects involved in the July 31, 2018 bombing of a Cafgu detachment in Lamitan City.

Eight suspects are now in custody, they are: Musa Jallaha – middleman for the purchase of the van, helped in loading the IED components, painted the van color white using spray paint, ran errands for Hashim Saripada; Hadji HURANG aka Nura Narimin- kept the detached van seats and white gallons containing traces of IED components.

Nsir Nuruddin y Kusain aka Battuh Murah – helped in loading the IED, escorted the van until few kms to the blast site; Al Basir Ahmad – helped in loading the IED, helped in painting the van and ran errands for the group; Abdurahim Lijal aka Mike Lijal aka Mike Usman alias ABU Fattie- helped in preparing the van, joined the escort party; Ammar Indama aka Ammar Matahul Mohammad- assisted Mammin in preparing the IED, escorted the van; Julamin Arundoh aka Mammin Totong alias Abu MAMMIN- bomb expert of the group who assembled and rigged the IED; and Saad TEDIE aka Boga Tedie alias Abu Tedie- part of the planning, assisted Mammin in preparing the IED, one of the escorts of the van.

Ten more suspects are at large and now the subject of region wide manhunt operations, including Furuji INDAMA aka Boy Sopek alias Abu Jhovel, ASG leader of the group that ordered the bombing.

Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Task Group investigating the Aug. 28, 2018 bombing incident in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat that killed three persons and wounded 36 others has identified and charged 25 members of a breakaway faction of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighter (BIFF) and several accomplices for the crime.