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GOOD Morning my Sunday readers, Right now at this moment, I have just landed in my hotel here in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan for some days with my wife and son to explore this one of the Philippines best islands. So while calming down from a long day trip, why not write about this neew place in Davao were I was last night!
The place is called BOARDROOM “office lounge” located at JJ commune Loyola St, Bario Obrero Davao City
A small hole in a wall but actually, if you see this Resto, it is not really as small as you can see from outside. The place inside is very spacious and very comfortable were you can really work with comfort. I like the interior design as it’s really cool, manly storage look-a-like with some cool artworks and display.

This place is made for business people and young entrepreneurs, with good wifi connection and small desks around the place for you to be able to both work and dine in class! But if you’re not alone, there are also function rooms from 5 to 25 people!

In the first  and second floors, the rooms can accommodate up to 10 to 15 persons. So if you have some meetings or events coming up, you definitely should check this place out. The menu is just new and designed by the very experienced consulting head chef Jun Jovero. Together whit his sous chef Harald Jarl Roca,  they have made a tasty menu that will fit most of the people! My wife and I tried the
Roasted asparagus soup, Fried tinapa dumpling, Crispy pork binagoongan, Aligi rice fat of the crabs
Herb roasted porkchop and the famous Filipino dish Humba.
The price ranges from P170-250
And they were all very well made with good playing skills! If I was an office working guy and didn’t have my own office this is the place I would visit! Now let’s hear what the regular visitors are saying?
Kai Cachuala said she’s almost used this as her second home and loves it. She will for sure try out the new menu as well!
BOARDROOM is owned by four young retired pharmaceutical personnel who realized after working for many years that this is a very good business idea.
Kristoffer Ang, was a District Manager Pharmacist and also a medical representative in Manila. Originally from Manila, he met his beautiful Davawenya wife and finally settled here in Davao with their family. Wendy Cabrera, cute to the boot, was born and raised in Davao and the only single in the group. Sisoy Kintanar and Ian Vinalon who were unfortunately not around during my visit commplete the group.

BOARDROOM is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00am-9:00pm, but ofcourse they never throw out people.
And when you’re done working, you should check out the street bar just next door with beer on tap!

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