ON A SUNDAY| Davao Night Life

IT’S another Sunday, my lovely readers. Feb said goodbye and summer is just around the corner. This time I would like to talk about night life in Davao. Since  Arawng Davao is coming, I want to share Davao’s highlight for the adventurous, music lovers, dancing queens and some like me who just want to chill and relax after a long day of work especially weekends.

Personally, I would like to express my happiness of recently finding that we will be having a baby boy. May God bless me to have a healthy baby.

Aside from being ranked as one of the world’s  safest city and having a very good leader,  Davao is also known to be the home of celebrities who are starting their own business. No wonder that nowadays, Davao tourists come from different sectors; there are some who come for holidays, business prospectors and retirees who are prepared to live in the city.

So now let’s talk about Davao’s night life. Young people love to hang out with friends after work. Based on my experience staying in Davao, young people hang out in places where they can have a bucket of beer and talk to their friends.

Roxas Avenue has a night market where streetfood, barbeque, and different kinds of fruits find space with “Ukay-Ukay” or used clothes. One of my wife’s hobby on Friday night is to go to San Pedro Street which turns as bright as a casino.

Some young people who can afford to splurge hang out in high class bars in Davao though they are not allowed to enter if they are still in school uniform. This a a very proper rule that the bars have.

There are also some who enjoy a night of singing. Davao is surrounded with KTV bars that provide exclusive videoke rooms that allow them to sing as loud as they can. This is one thing my wife is missing, as well. Sure she’s not a singer but she loves to sing.

Now, Filipinos are known to be happy people despite the bad things that come their way. So if you want to party with friends, lovers and even family, Matina Town Square (MTS) is the place to go. The compound is quite big and has different stalls for bars, resto and live bands. This place is for everybody.

Here you can have dinner with your family in a diner  and after that, you can sit with your family listening to the live band entertaining in an open area called  “TABOAN.” And if you wanna grab some coffee before heading home, there is a coffeeshop close by.

How about dancing? Yes of course, that one of the talents dabawenyos. So put on those stilettos and head to Obrero where you can find The STAR and MOON Party Bar.  Just a friendly reminder boys and girls, drink moderately. And never drive when you feel tipsy.

For those who are a little bit older, you can go to Victorianis of SoundBox. And if you like to boogie, Cha-cha or do some 80-90′s music, you can go to Habana Compound at Rizal Street where you can dance and listen to your classic Oldies music at the Drunken Monkey Bar.

This place also is surrounded by some bars like  Someplace Else and some sports Bar. So whenever you are in Davao you are close to the different night life that suits your mood.

If you’re in Lanang area,  you can enjoy your weekend night at Phoenix Complex Bar where you can find some Resto Bars.

There is a place I love to sit and just hang out with other foreign guys. This place is quite small but the pub is one of my favorite place. It is called DeBorderij just across S&R in Matina.

How about the relaxing overview in an elevated area that you would just love to dine and enjoy the sunset and view of the Davao gulf?

That is why I love Davao City. I can have a peaceful life and enjoy the city that keeps growing and going.

So tonight, since Sunday is Family Day, I know some family gather every Sunday and enjoy the free day from a whole week of working. Singing karaoke at home and having some light drinks need to have some pica-pica which is my menu for today. I will call it “Chef all time Fav Pica-Pica”

So tear or rip this ingredients list. Run to the nearest super market. Gather family and friends, wash your hand and let’s make a simple chef Pica-Pica Platter.


3 kinds of Cheese  your own Choice.

1 can dried tomato

1 can olives

Some salami

Some crackers

Some ham

Some nacho chip with dip

Make a platter of this ingredients and enjoy bonding with this simple Chef finger food Pica-pica.


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