Ombudsman: Sexual harassment, not grafttops cases filed vs gov’t execs

SEXUAL harassment topped the cases typically filed against government officials based on the data from the Office of the Ombudsman for Mindanao.

“We have handled cases on violence against women involving government officials,” said lawyer Ma. Faith Presbitero, spokesperson of OMB Mindanao.

But she couldn’t provide the figures since they will be turned over to the recently launched gender information desk, which will collate the data on “who are the complainants, what are their profiels and also the respondents.”

The anti-graft officer also encouraged the public to file a complaint to the GID becaues the new mechanism was created to especially sensitive cases.

Presbitero explained that if the government official committed the violation in connection to his work, the OMB will handle the criminal and administrative case.

 But if the official committed the crime outside the ambit of his functions, the criminal case will be handled by the Department of Justice while they take care of the administrative case.

She also stressed that anyone could file a complaint before the GID as long as he/she have a personal knowledge or evidence on the office committed.

In 2014, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) data showed that from 1994 to 2014, 159 sexual harassment cases were filed in the the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (Codi) in all government agencies in protecting victims of sexual harassment and deterring would-be offenders.

Of this figure, 69 percent, or 110 cases, have been resolved, with 73 cases, or 66 percent of the figure, decided in favor of the complainant.

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