OFFICIAL: Singapore strategic for fruit producers

Singapore has become a strategic market for local exporters, among them durian producers, officials said.

John Carlo B. Tria, vice president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that local producers have started exporting durian to Singapore.

Because of this, Tria said, the business group has started a campaign to plant varieties that are attractive to buyers not just in Singapore, but also the local market as demand for the fruit has been growing.

Tria said the Singapore market has been lucrative as it has also been one of those wanting to source more fruits from the city, not just durian. “If it sells in Singapore, it also means that the quality of the products is high because Singapore has strict standards in terms of exporting food,” said Tria, adding that in Southeast Asia, “Singapore is like the hub where many buyers from different countries taste the merchandise before they make their orders.”

The good thing, he added, is that there is a direct flight between the city and Singapore that the fruit producers are able to take advantage of.

“This is a great opportunity that helps diversify the export potential of our agri-producers,” said Tria.


By Regina Mae Ronquillo



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