NTC XI official supports proposed SIM registration

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) regional director Nelson Cañete welcomed the newly approved bill by the House of Representatives mandating the registration of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to reduce the number of irrelevant complaints in their office.

He said that they are already facing a backlog due to the numerous complaints against the telecommunications companies. “If there’s SIM card registration, all the complaints of the public will go straight to the police, or fiscal, then the owner of the SIM card will just be summoned,” he said during the Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape at Abreeza Mall last Wednesday.
The NTC emphasized that there were a lot of complaints addressed to their office that concerns blocking of some lost SIM cards, sexual harassment and some libelous acts.
Cañete added that this bill will contribute to the suppression of crimes or tracking down criminals who may use their mobile devices “to pursue illegal activities.”
The proposal will be transmitted to the Senate for approval before it can be signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte.
Meanwhile, NTC Davao will conduct a mandatory mobile registration in the second week of July in Panabo and every municipality of the region. Anything that uses airwaves is the concern of the NTC.
“Handheld radios are highly regulated as far as NTC is concerned, so we need to register all their radio after purchase because they can’t operate without a license,” he said. “A restricted radiotelephone operator’s (RLM) certificate for land mobile stations will be issued and there is a process.”
“There are lots of handheld radios in every barangay and they don’t know that you need to register so we are the ones to issue licenses to owners,” he said.  (Jefferson Buag/FSUU Intern)

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