NPA’s hold in ComVal suffers setback after latest surrenders

THE MILITARY yesterday said the Municipal Revolutionary Committee or the Komiteng Rebolusyonaryo sa Munisipalidad (KRM) of the New People’s Army (NPA) in New Bataan, Compostela Valley is already dead with the surrender of the last of its leaders and members.

Capt. Jerry Lamosao, the spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division, said 15 high-ranking leaders and regular members of the KRM surrendered to the 66th Infantry battalion under Lt. Col. Palmer Parungao based in Purok 3A, Barangay Cabinuangan, New Bataan.

The group, considered by the military as a shadow government, was designed to be self-reliant in advancing the cause of Communism.

While independent, it was still under the direct supervision of the party committees of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

The KRM is composed of at least seven Komiteng Rebolusyonaryo sa Barrio (KRBs) or village revolutionary committees, which are composed of nine members. It also has a political arm, military arm, united front arm, National Democratic Front counterpart and territorial area.

“With the prevailing situation in Compostela, the 66th Infantry (Kabalikat) Battalion intensified its efforts after gaining momentum,” Lamosao said. “After the setback incurred by the armed group, the unit capitalized on the situation to win the masses under the established revolutionary government in Compostela.”

To date, 275 underground mass organization (UGMO) members and 332 mass supporters and sympathizers of the six BRCs under the KRM of Compostela already surrendered.

Lt. Col. Palmer M. Parungao, the commander of 66th Infantry (Kabalikat) Battalion said, “The significant development in the campaign of the battalion is a result of an effective conduct of Community Support Program (CSP), intelligence operation, focused military operations and other lines of operations.”

“This is a clear manifestation that the people in the communities are now aware about the ills of CPP-NPA-terrorists’ ideology,” Parungao said.

“Through our awareness campaign, they came to realize that they were just victimized by the false promises and black propaganda to join their terroristic macabre in the communities,” he said.

“To our brothers and sisters who are victims of the malady of insurgency, it is high time now for you to be united as one community and denounce the CNT ideology that continually compromises your peaceful living,” he added.

The 10th ID calls for the remaining members of the NPA terrorists, UGMO members and sympathizers to surrender now.

The government has programs and opportunities for the former rebels to live normally and peacefully. The 10ID units embrace those who will surrender and gladly assist them to go back to the mainstream of our society as productive citizens.

“Rest assured that you’re army, the 66IB and the rest of 10ID units will continuously perform its mandated tasks and double its efforts in achieving our goal on establishing conflict-resilient communities in our area of operations,” Parungao added.

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