Not vetoed

Mayor Sara wants “diligence review” on P39B Mega project
MAYOR Sara Duterte-Carpio denied reports that she would veto the P39 billion Davao Coastline and Port Development Project, which will develop the coastline of the Poblacion District.

“That’s an impossible action,” Carpio said.

Carpio said she merely sought for more details about the project through third party reviews.

“All I can say is that I submitted the contract for a due diligence review to two third parties, one from the private sector and the other from the National Economic and Development Agency (NEDA),” the mayor said. “I just wanted the legal opinion or due diligence review to form part of the records because this is not just a thousand peso project.”

The mayor said she already received the reviews but could not yet publicly announce the findings.

“The documents are with me, I cannot disclose the findings of the review because I am not yet done with my work,” she said.

Earlier this month, a source told reporters that Carpio could be vetoing the project, citing concerns such as the environmental impact to the city’s coastlines.

Last week, Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang was quoted in a report saying the mayor was already preparing a veto message to the city council.

The mayor, apparently irked at the rumor, suggested to her fellow government officials to just do their jobs.

“Let us just do our job with our mouths closed. Talk less, do more,” she added.

Council’s majority floor leader Bernard Al-ag, in a telephone interview, said the next step does lie with City Hall, as the city council already passed the measure.

However, he too denied that there were any reservations coming from Mayor Carpio.

The city council, with the exception of one councilor, has approved the project.

The project is currently being reviewed by the NEDA and the Philippine Reclamation Authority.

The proposed project was signed by then mayor, now president, Rodrigo Duterte.

The joint venture agreement allows the Mega Harbour to create four reclaimed islands across the city’s coastline from Bucana to Sta. Ana Port.

The islands would comprise 200 hectares of new property, which would include a government center, a mixed-use property, a port, and a commercial/industrial area.

The slum area surrounding the project will also be redeveloped.