No name yet from Hugpong to fill vacancy in City Council

THE HUGPONG sa Tawong Lungsod has yet to decide on the name to replace a now vacant councilor position.

Actin g Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag said that the local party has not yet conducted a meeting on the issue.

The position was rendered vacant after the resignation of former vice mayor Paolo Z. Duterte, who is still marked as on leave on the first session of 2018, on Christmas day.

“My post as a city councilor will remain vacant until there will be a new councilor that will be appointed by the President,” Al-ag said.

The party will a name to President Duterte who will approve the recommendation since Davao City is a chartered and highly urbanized city in accordance with the Local Government Code Sec. 44 (Permanent Vacancies in the Offices of the Governor, Vice-Governor, Mayor, and Vice-Mayor).

Al-ag also noted that replacing a councilor is not a first time incident in Davao City. He cited the untimely death of Leonardo Avila III who was replaced by his wife Lori Avila.

Early this month, President Duterte accepted the resignation of his son as the vice mayor of Davao City. The order was signed by his alter-ego, Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea, who said that it will be effective immediately.

In a speech delivered in the City Council, the younger Duterte cited delicadeza (roughly translated as saving face) as the reason for stepping down. “My parents never failed to remind me of the value of time-honored principle of delicadeza, and this is one of those instances of my life that I need to protect my honor and that of my children,” he said.

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