No more baggage counter during Kadayawan festival

IF YOU want to fully enjoy the Kadayawan, don’t bring any prohibited items, such as pack bags, for the police will no longer be accepting them for deposit.

Unlike previous celebrations that items prohibited during the festivity could be surrendered or deposited at the police stations before they could enter the activity areas, the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) said it will no longer be the same this year.

DCPO director Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum said they are no longer allowing anyone to deposit their baggage at the police counters.

“We cannot secure their bags because we don’t want to burden the security,” Tagum said, adding that securing the items is an unnecessary additional work to the security forces.

 So if a reveler is bringing any prohibited items, he/she could no longer enter in the activity area as authorities are strictly imposing the no-entry policy.

Prohibited items include pack bag, bull cap, sharp object, shades and face mask.

“Those who will bring prohibited things can no longer enter the event area,” said Sr. Insp. Maria Theresita Gaspan, DCPO spokesperson.

 Gaspan revealed that in previous year’s event, several items were deposited at the police counters.

 “Last year, several deposited things were lost and the police were made liable for such,” Gaspan said. “We don’t want it to happen again.”

 The policy also doesn’t exempt photographers who are bringing extra baggage for their equipment.

 “We don’t know if the city will provide a baggage center for the photographers,” she said.

 The DCPO is urging the public to obey the rules to prevent any conflict during the activity.

 There are more than 10,000 police personnel, volunteer police auxiliary, and civilian volunteers securing the festivity.

 “These police personnel and other security forces have been deployed already and are conducting foot and mobile patrol in the convergent areas,” she said.

 The Task Force Davao also deployed around 800 personnel in the different areas in the city to provide additional security.

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