No ‘Big One’ on horizon for Davao City: Philvocs specialist

THE PHILIPPINE Institute of Volcanology and Seismology XI (Philvocs) warns about believing the rumors circulating on the Internet on the possible “Big One” hitting Davao City.

Speaking in the weekly Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex on Monday, Phivolcs XI science research specialist Janila Deocampo said no one can predict upcoming earthquakes.

She said they can only provide long-term calculations based on historical events that could possibly happen again. Since they can’t provide the exact time, place and the intensity, Davaoenos are asked to always be prepared.

She also debunked speculations regarding the possible occurrence of the “Big One” caused by the movement of the West Valley Fault in Metro Manila, which will allegedly happen between Feb. 24 and March 8.

Davao City has an active fault line mapped in 2013 found in New Carmen in Ma-a. She added that buildings should never be built on top of an active fault line, instead a five-meter distance on each side should be considered.

“But we should bear in mind that whether you are near of far from fault lines, it still doesn’t guarantee our safety.” Deocampo said. “The city’s readiness and safety doesn’t just lie on the hands of the government but on each and every one. Are you ready? That is the question.”

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