NIÑO A. CALAMBA PH Zumba Instructor Idol 2015

NIÑO Calamba, the University of Mindanao Fitness & Wellness Centre’s(UMFWC) Fitness Supervisor and Licensed Zumba Instructor was specially recognized and awarded as the Zumba Instructor Idol 2015 by the Z Stars Philippines. The Z Stars Awards is being professionally conducted by the RT Studios of Ms. Regine Tolentino via social network voting. Now on its third year in recognizing talented Zumba Instructors and ZIN™ active members (Zumba Instructors Network), Z Stars Philippines and RT Studios have provided one of the best avenues to promote oneness in Zumba® Fitness and encourage Zumba Instructors from across the archipelago to give their best everyday, for all their students and followers.

zumbaSTARNiño’s passion for dancing have been reinforced in the advent of Zumba Fitness. Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance aerobics which is presently one of the leading fitness programs all over the world. “Before I took my Zumba Fitness Certification, I was hesitant because I thought it is just a short-lived fad”, said Nino. “But when I attended my first day of formal training, under the only Filipino Zumba Education Specialist, ZES Prince Paltuob over a year ago, I became very zealous to teach Zumba to fitness and dance students, especially at the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre.

“Zumba Fitness will not only make a person physically fit and mentally alert, but will also make one feel good inside and out, he explained. He then added, “In Zumba Fitness, an exercise class becomes a dance party, where everyone takes time to smile and laugh while shaking and grooving to the beat of wonderful music.”

Niño is also a Dance Master and Choreographer of numerous dance concerts, field demonstrations, production numbers in and outside of the UMFWC since 2001. He started his love for dancing when he was still in elementary and eventually got into the fitness industry after serving as a student assistant at the UM Fitness & Dance Centre in 1999, now called the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre.

As the Zumba Instructor Idol 2015, Niño’s quest for the ultimate supremacy of dancing in the fitness realm has become stronger. As one of the most sought after Licensed Zumba Instructors in the region, he is humbled to be bringing to the people wherever he leads Zumba the “feel good” effect in dancing for fitness and health. “For me, the most important thing in every Zumba class I handle is that my students are happy and are not intimidated by the dance moves, but instead find fun and excitement in motivating themselves to perform each movement well and safe, if not perfectly”, he quipped. “After all, in a Zumba class, we are always in for a Party!”, he jested.

Niño does regular Zumba classes at the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre, in church organizations, schools, in the Barangay Communities and also with the Ladislawa Ageless Society and Woodridge Park Homeowners Association. He joins the ZFDCG or Zumba Fitness Davao City Group every Tuesday and Thursday in offering FREE Zumba Fitness Party at the NCCC Mall Activity Area as part of their consistent community service program for the physical fitness needs of the Davao populace.

For Niño, as a Licensed Zumba Instructor and the Zumba Instructor Idol 2015, life is a party, not just in the bar, but in physical fitness activities, wherein everyone gets the benefits of exercising and practicing healthy lifestyle at its maximum level. Looking good and feeling good at the same time. Borrowing the words from, Niño always reminds his students to “Ditch the workout, and join the party!” in order for them to “Shake, Shake, Shrink!”

Another Davaoeño, Alvin Castro or Aldreii, was also judged as Mr. Zumba Philippines. Last year, this award was given to Prince Paltu-ob, the only Zumba Education Specialist in the Philippines.