NGO seeks aid for climate adaptation projects in city

THE PHILIPPINE Miserior Partnership Inc.-Davao Region Cluster (PMPI-DRC) will request the European Union, through its Germany-based partner Miserior, to support the local group’s plan to help the communities living near the watersheds.

Citing the position paper of PMPI-DRC on Monday at Coco’s Restaurant in Torres St., Dam Vertido, executive director of Mindanao Land Acquisition, Housing and Development (Minland) Foundation Inc., said this is to “further scale up for governance and resiliency in poor communities in watersheds.”

The cluster, Vertido said, is planning to expand and implement its initiatives to 137 barangays near the watersheds.

“We could not do this alone,” he said, citing that its initiatives include strengthening the governance up to barangay level and campaign on protecting the environment.

The PMPI-DRC already began to help the communities near Davao River watershed. One of its initiatives include the installation of early warning system to monitor the water level along the watershed which affects 14 barangays.

“These communities are at risk to calamities as they live nearby the watershed,” he said.

Apart from asking support from EU, the PMPI-DRC requested Miserior to continue to support the cluster’s actions on environment, anti-poverty and peace. It also proposed to the Germany-based organization to help them link partner programs in the development of community-based and off-the-grid alternative use of renewable energy.

This Lenten season, Miserior will launch its campaign “Think anew. Dare to change” as part of their efforts to deal with the impacts of climate change.

In Davao City, Miserior partnered with MinLand.

In a statement, Miserior’s partner organisation MinLand is preparing contingency plans, mapping the Badjao settlements to identify the zones at risk, and training emergency helpers. In the future, it also intends to protect the coast by planting mangroves as breakwaters and windbreaks.”


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