NEW SURVEY: City divided on city’s disaster preparedness

ONLY four out of every 15 Dabawenyos believed that the city is not capable in responding to disasters, new survey of the University of Mindanao Institute of Popular Opinion bared.

The survey, dated Jan. 31 to Feb. 8, was conducted on a sample of 1,200 Dabawenyos from the three congressional districts who were asked about their impression on the performance of the Central 911.

However, the same survey said: “A little more than half (51%) are impressed with the City’s readiness given its centralized Public Safety and Security Command (PSSC) for distress calls for police assistance, fire, ambulance through 911 lines.”

Three out of 15 were undecided.

The IPO attributed the results to the floods brought by Typhoon Vinta last Dec. 22 and the NCCC Mall fire that happened the next day. The fire killed 38.

Four out of 10 District 1 residents believed that the city is not ready for disasters, while around the same number in District 2. In contrast, in District 3, only two out of 10 believed the city is not ready for disasters.

“The Dabawenyos who consider that the City is not ready for disaster are mostly found in Districts 1 and 2 with a combined percentage of 82%. For every 50 Dabawenyos who believe that the city is not ready for disaster, 21 of them are found in District 1 and 20 are found in District 2, and 9 are located in District 3,” the survey said.

“Residents of barangays 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21, 28, 31 and 32, Bucana in Poblacion District are not convinced of the City’s readiness to handle disaster. Residents of Talomo district like in Bago Aplaya, Bangkal, Catalunan Pequeño and Catalunan Grande, Dumoy, Maa, Matina Aplaya, Matina Crossing and Matina Pangi are as much not confident with the ability of the City government. Most of these places experienced flood and fire.”

The residents of District 2 who were not confident of the city’s ability to handle disasters were in Agdao, Buhangin and Bunawan. Some 50 houses were gutted by fire on New Year’s Eve in Agdao, while Buhangin and Bunawan are flood-prone areas.

While barangays like Baliok in Toril, Calinan proper and Tugbok proper are places where residents were not impressed with the disaster preparedness of the City.

The low incidence in District 3 can be attributed to low occurrence of natural disasters in these places, and if there are, generally, these are just street floods.

However, the survey still showed more Dabawenyos still trusted in the skills of their first responders.

Four out of 10 Dabawenyos believed they have skilled Central 911 responders, while only three out of 10 did not.

Two out of were undecided, while the rest did not respond.

Four out of 10 were confident that equipment are adequate and up-to-date, around three out of 10 are not; while two of 10 Dabawenyos were not sure.

Dabawenyos ranked earthquares as the top disaster that the city may not be ready for, while floods ranked second. Fires ranked next, while tsunamis, typhoons, and storm surges shared the fourth place.

“Dabawenyos cannot size up readiness for an earthquake because no high magnitude tremors hit the City so far,” the survey said.

Meanwhile, Dabawenyos said they wanted more readiness from the city from floods and fires.

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