New Halal resto opens

A HOMEGROWN restaurant, Wady’s Bistro, opened yesterday at Plaza de Bole Compound in F. Torres St. with a goal to capture the Halal market.Wady Vapor, owner of Wady’s Bistro, said yesterday in Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape in Abreeza Mall that the 126-square meter restaurant is fit especially for the Halal market as they ensured their food and drinks are free from particles that are forbidden in Islam.

The products, he said, are sourced from the local producers and imported goods from Malaysia, which are free from forbidden particles like meat of pigs, horses, insects, frogs, dogs, cats and other impurities.

“We only offer halal food and drinks,” Vapor said.

He said the bistro offers Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Filipino dishes, including the all-time favorites of his former restaurant like biryani, kabsa, pita shateerah, falafel and bruschetta. The bistro has also a bar, which provides mocktails.

The mocktails in the Halal bar, he said, would help tone down the taste from eating dishes like biryani and kabsa.

Wady’s Bistro is the latest Halal restaurant in the city. The other existing establishments that offer halal food are Waterfront Insular Hotel, El Bajada, Tinhat Boutique Hotel, Marco Polo Davao Hotel, Park Inn Hotel, Villa Margarita, Sunny Point and Rumah Kari.

Based on his observation in running his previous restaurant, Vapor said most or 80% of the costumers were non-Muslims. He said there were only about 20% who were Muslims. “We hope that there will be an increase of consumers who would choose Halal food,” he said.

Vapor’s business also includes the selling of chocolate bars, cheese, and perfume.

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