New AFP chief’s marching order: lick corruption from entire force

THE EASTERN Mindanao Command threw its support behind the order of the new chief of staff, Lt. Gen Carlito Galvez Jr., to stamp out corruption in the entire armed forces.Maj. Ezra Balagtey, spokesperson  of EastMinCom, said the marching order will only reinforce the existing policies as part of the transformation roadmap for the AFP.

Galvez said anyone who will be tainted with corruption will be relieved of his or her position. The warning was issued during his first flag-raising ceremony as AFP Chief on April 23.

“The President has zero tolerance for corruption. We will have no fear of relieving people who are mediocre and full of anomalies. We will keep the AFP clean, I will not hesitate to relieve any commander who will be tainted with corruption,” Galvez said.

Lt. Col. Emmanuel Garcia, AFP Public Affairs Office, chief said Galvez directed the Office of the Inspector General to investigate anomalies in the use of resources to ensure the judicious use of funds and proper management of government assets.

The new AFP chief likewise told the officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees in attendance that while he is strict with erring personnel, he is also keen on rewarding deserving personnel with cash incentives and plaques of recognition.

The cash incentives will start at P10,000 for top performing officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees who will be selected on a quarterly basis. He tasked the Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel to craft the process and guidelines. Promotion will also await deserving personnel.

As commander of Western Mindanao Command, Galvez led the troops that drove off the Maute terrorists away from Marawi. He then thanked the President and military leadership for the support.

“The support was evident in the motivation of our troops who, despite being wounded, were eager to continue fighting,” he said

He also echoed the order of President Duterte to expedite the processing of contracts relating to the AFP modernization program. “The President is pushing us to make our modernization move forward. We need to choose people who can deliver results for our modernization,” Galvez said.

He announced that he will not impose a “cut off time” in sending documents to him that needs to be acted upon even past office hours.

Lt. Gen. Galvez further said, “I am results-oriented. We must be outputs-oriented as we value teamwork and meritocracy. Be righteous. Be perfect, because any mistake may mean the lives of the people we have sworn to serve and protect, and the lives of our very own soldiers.”

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