MY TURN| The two Dabawenyos

ON MAY 2016, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte became the President. On July, 2017 Archibishop Romulo Valles became the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippine (CBCP).

As President, the Mayor represents the 100 million Filipinos. CBCP President Archbishop Valles is the good shepherd of about 50 million Filipino Catholics. Together, this is a powerful force involved in the daily political, social and religious lives of the nation. This is the first time in our history that we look at leaders who are not from Manila for guidance. That the two who are from Davao, are now where they are did not happen by chance or accident. Strange are the ways of the Lord is an old cliché but indeed it applies to the President and the Archbishop.

The two affirms the truth that Davao City is the melting pot of Mindanao . The President’s father is from Danao, Cebu while his mother is from Lanao. His parents came to Davao in search of a better future. The Archbishops parents are from Maribojoc, Bohol where Undersecretary Jun Evasco was the mayor until his transfer to Malacan as one of the three USEC directly under the President (the other Two are Melchor Quitain and Bong Go, from Davao City, natural). His parents went to Davao del Norte also for a better future.

The Archbishop finished his undergrad studies at the St. Francis Xavier College (XACOSE) and his theology at the Regional Major Seminary (REMASE). The President has spent 40 years as a government servant starting as prosecutor, Vice Mayor, Mayor, Congressman. The Bishop spent more than 30 years as a servant of God and of the faithful. Call it the right person at the right place at the right time, he was the Rector of St. Francis College Seminary. His first break was when the Pope appointed him Bishop of the Diocese of Kidapawan then Archbishop of Zamboanga the first Archdiocese in Mindanao.

Six years later, he was chosen Davao City’s Archbishop. Today’s power had its origin in the center of the Philippines; Danao, Cebu the roots of the President of the country and Maribojoc, Bohol, birth place of CBCP President the Archbishop. The two as Father of the nation and Father of the Filipino Catholics represent the best of Visayan tradition, culture, matabangon, nagapaubos, maluluy-on, maantoson, linaw sa Kagul anan, lamdag sa puy anan. Our prayers and best wishes go with them.

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