MY TURN| Senior Citizen’s Diet

I RETIRED from government service in 2006 at age 65. Now I realize that actor Dean Martin was correct when he said “Take care of yourself because you’re the only one you’ve got.” I am more conscious about food, diet and exercise so my 75 year old creaking, very tired, decaying, weakening, breaking body can last a few extra years.

High protein food is needed to: 1. Build and repair whatever muscles remain 2. Help in reviving fat burning metabolism and reduces hunger craving to gorge sweets 3. Slow down the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream that prevents sudden rises in blood sugar that leads to diabetes damaged kidneys, leading to expensive dialysis.

These are good protein sources: 1. Yogurt, which gives you gut friendly probiotic bacteria and bone building calcium 2. Cottage cheese, give steady supply of vital animo acids. 3. Eggs, the white orbs are muscle food. 4. Low Fat Milk is a reliable protein source like egg. 4. Soya milk. 5. Tofu or tokwa with your lugaw but exclude Sisig 6. Tilapia, has more protein than Bangus, Dory, Matambaka etc. 7. Canned sardines is high powered with plenty of protein, omega 3, fats, good cholesterol, Vitamin D (research suggest higher intakes if Vitamin D can bolster testosterone production driving out cancer). 8. Quinoa, which is called the wonder food because of all grains it has a full load of essential amino acids meaning a complete protein meat (beef, pork, chicken is good but it has lots of bad cholesterol) 9. Salmon is loaded with Omega 3 (good cholesterol) but imported salmon is very expensive while the local ones are rarely found in Bankerohan. Finally, fruit is the perfect food because it has amino acids, protein and very little fat. The best and cheapest is bananas.

They provide fuel and help reduce dehydration, cramping and fatigue. Davao is the world’s banana capital and the best variety foreigners look for is the saging. Food alone does not guarantee good health and long life because it supplies only the physical needs of a senior citizen.

(Being) religious is very important. Knowing you are religiously prepared gives you peace of mind, which makes you a nicer, kinder old person and allows you to resist temptation (sex, gambling, drinking) when you are lonely because the wife is dead or the children have their own families, when you are healthy and your wife can still go malling, visit/entertain children and grand children attend church activities.

Regular meetings with other seniors is good for the health and mind and make you alive alone, you are miserable. You and your wife equals joyful companionship. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

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