MY TURN| Presumptive what?

LAST March, when the republican list of Presidential Candidates went down from the 17 to 3 with Trump ahead of Senator Cruz and Gov. Kasich, the American press began calling him Presumptive President Trump, although the Republican Presidential Convention will still be in July. This phrase went ballistic worldwide.

After the May 9 Elections, the Manila press began calling the Mayor “Presumptive President Duterte” because the Congressional Canvassing of the Presidential and Vice Presidential votes will be on May 25, the proclamation either on May 26 or 27, the oath taking will be on June 30 and July 1 will be the start of his term. Presume means to venture, to suppose; presumptuous means taking of something for granted and presumptive (adj.) means reason for presuming.

“Presumptive President” creates a doubt whether he is really the president. This is wrong. 1. His 6 million plus votes over Roxas is the biggest lead in our history. 2. Roxas, Poe, Binay and Santiago accepted RRD’s win. 3. The transition team is finalizing the turnover of the Presidency.

Like all Dabawenyos, I feel bad that the press calls the Mayor Presumptive President. It is as if there is uncertainty to the claim of Dabawenyos, Mindanaoans and the 15 million plus who voted for him. Maybe the Manila Press still cannot accept that for the first time in our history, a Mindanaoan/Dabawenyo is the president. Despite a presumption of impartiality, some Manila newspapers and radio/TV stations could not hide their preference for Roxas, Poe, Binay and some showed their distaste for RRD. Two examples, the last minute below the belt, cheap, crude, vulgar, false, amateurish, gobble like crypto Nazi T.V. spot trying to link RRD indirectly to the alleged plight of minors. Only one TV channel aired this ad. The 4 other T.V. companies could not stomach this filth and refused to show it. During the May 7 Luneta miting de avance, the same station focused on the grandstand and never showed the biggest Presidential Miting de Avance crowd in our history. Why not call him 1. Conclusive as distinguished from Presumptive President. 2. Presidential winner Duterte. 3. President elect Duterte, 4. Mindanaoan President Duterte 5. Dabawenyo President Duterte 6. RRD 7. President Mayor.

On July 1, RRD will start living in Malacañan. It hurts to see him leaving us. For the 1,500,000 Dabawenyos and 30 million Mindanaoans, you will always be our Mayor. Salamat sa mga magagandang alaala. May the Heavens bless, protect and guide you.

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