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DAVAO CITY takes public health seriously. It is a trailblazer in creating landmark public health legislation such as the anti-smoking ordinance, anti-firecracker ordinance, ban on aerial spraying, anti-noise pollution ordinance, promotion of organic agriculture and healthy food, even ahead than the national government. The city government of Davao launched a Healthy Lifestyle campaign a few years back which integrates healthy eating, exercise, and clean living. So now we see organic gardens, fitness activities in our public parks, healthy food in schools as more and more Davaoeños embrace the healthy lifestyle.


The Davao Food Revolution, which promotes access to affordable healthy food in schools and communities, is being led by the grassroots women of Davao City through the Mothers for Peace movement. In the Davao City Council, legislation that promotes our right to access affordable healthy food is being led by our women councilors.

And these same women councilors are putting their money where their beliefs are by investing in a health and wellness enterprise — the newly-opened #WeGlow Yoga Dance and Wellness Studio at the second floor of The Shoppes at Woodlande along Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City.

“It all started when I got into yoga to help relieve stress and develop strength to sustain my busy schedule,” shares #WeGlow President Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz, city councilor representing the third congressional district. Her colleagues in the city council noticed how yoga was doing wonders for Myrna’s body and spirit that they tried it, too. But their irregular work hours and community commitments made it difficult to attend regular yoga classes offered in fitness clubs and gyms in the city.

At first, they started having private yoga sessions at the residence of former city councilor and now Matina Crossing barangay chair Angela Librado-Trinidad. When more people started joining they needed a bigger space. Then Councilor Rachel Zozobrado saw The Shoppes at Woodlane with commercial spaces being rented out and suggested they consider opening a yoga studio there. So the idea of #WeGlow was born. In less than two months, the yoga classmates became business partners. Aside from Myrna and Rachel, other partners include councilors Petite Principe, Leah Librado, Mabel Sunga Acosta, April Marie Dayap, January Duterte, Joselle Villafuerte, and Joan Bonguyan.

On May 18, 2015, #WeGlow opened its doors to Davaoeños and it was no less than a glowing Sara Z. Duterte, who is on her second month of a fitness and diet regimen herself, who cut the ceremonial ribbon. As a treat, #WeGlow offers a 50 percent discount on annual membership fees until June 30 and affordable packages for yoga and dance classes, including unlimited rates. For more details, you may contact Mirah at 0930-3593617.

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