MX3 Sponsors First Integrative Medicine Congress

THE PREVENTIVE, Regenerative and Integrative Medical Alliance (Prima) in cooperation with Sentro ng Katutubong Yaman (Sekaya) held the first Integrative Medicine Congress last Nov. 19-20.

The attendees were over a hundred medical doctors from all over the Philippines. Furthermore, the keynote speakers were all masters of their field and came from prestigious institutions like University of the Philippines, University of Santos Tomas University of Hawaii, Cornell University and State University of New York.

MX3 is a major sponsor in this event that is pivotal in expanding the boundaries of Integrative Medicine in the Philippines. The convention brings to a greater audience the new type of medicine that gives new choices for the patients. Integrative Medicine is an emerging practice that is healing oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person. It emphasizes the relationship of appropriate therapies both conventional and alternative. This has allowed patients to take advantage of the nutrients in food to keep healthy and decrease sole reliance on drugs.

Lifestyle disease like cancer, diabetes and hypertension remain to be in the forefront of the common causes of illness and death among the general population. In order to win the battle against these killer disease we must exhaust all possible sources most especially the ones that come from nature.

MX3 remains to be steadfast in its thrust in being the leader in the global market in providing safe and quality products that will benefit one’s health and nutrition. By being present in this momentous gathering, MX3 has proven time and again its commitment to adhering to sound ethical and social responsibilities.

Xanthone, its active ingredient, has been proven by clinical studies to be one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. For it is indeed true that God has provided us in nature the things we need to be healthy, all we need to do is to find it. PR

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