INFERNO Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones Mystery|Thriller  Oscar-winning Ron Howard returns to direct the latest bestseller in Dan Brown’s (Da Vinci Code) billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, Inferno, which finds the famous symbologist (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a global virus that would wipe out half of the world’s population.


Liam Neeson, Jung-jae Lee


Based on the real-life event of the Battle of Inchon that caused the life of 1,500 Koreans during the Korean War, Operation Chromite presents a fictionalized version of the historical CIA/US military intelligence operation “Trudy Jackson.” Prior to American General Douglas MacArthur’s (Liam Neeson) launching of Operation Chromite, he dispatches eight members of the Korean Liaison Office (the KLO, which was the US-backed South Korean resistance group working against the occupying North Korean forces), led by South Korean Navy lieutenant Jang Hak-soo (Lee Jung-Jae) on a secret mission far behind North Korean lines to carry out Operation “X-Ray”. This covert operation must succeed so that MacArthur can successfully launch the daring Incheon Landing Operation.


Zoey Deutch, Ashley Judd


After graduating, four overachieving high school students realize that they’ve missed out on key life experiences by always following the rules. They decide to reinvent themselves in order to live up their last summer together before college with disastrous consequences.


James Floyd, Anthony LaPaglia


Alex (James Floyd) is recruited by a spy-for-hire agency. The mercenary agents value him because Alex has an Obsessive Compulsive Personality. He has the ability to memorize things and pay attention to minute details and facts. But in his first assignment, in Serbia, four agents working with him are all killed…and Alex is blamed.

He becomes the primary suspect of an international manhunt. On the run, Alex must piece together what really happened and track down the truth by re-creating the events of the ill-fated mission…


Sofia Black D’Elia, Analeigh Tipton


Emma finds her comfortable life turned upside down when a gruesome virus sweeps through town, turning friends and neighbors into ferocious beasts. Barricaded with her family, the girl believes they are safe, but when the virus enters their home she and her family are faced with a choice – if loved ones become a threat, do you kill them to save yourself, or save them and risk your own demise?


Angel Locsin, Zanjoe Marudo, Sam Milby


Former lovers Andi (Angel Locsin), an events manager who aspires to be a fashion designer, and Max (Sam Milby), a cosmetic surgeon, find ways to make their relation intact after a breakup. But later on, Max found a new love unto a gay oncologist for children, Christian (Zanjoe Marudo). The film also tackles friendship and how a person gets to know more about himself. (PR)

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