Move to honor Datu Bago As hero faces smooth sailing

ONE more council reading, and the ordinance declaring Datu Bago as a hero of the city will likely be approved.

In a special session on Friday, the council unanimously passed on second reading the proposal authored by Councilor Pilar Braga.

Once the ordinance is approved by Mayor Sara Duterte, the city will have an annual commemoration to honor Datu Bago, the date of which will be determined by the Office of the City Mayor in coordination with the Davao Historical Society Foundation.

Moreover, a monument of Datu Bago will also be constructed within the city in order for the residents of Davao, especially the youth, to remember and appreciate his heroism. The site for the monument will be identified by the Office of the City Mayor in consultation with the Davao Historical Society and the Datu Bago Awardees Organization, Inc.

Also, all public and private schools in the city will instill in their curriculum the life and time of Datu Bago as a fitting tribute to a local hero.

Based on the proposed ordinance, Datu Bago “fought long and hard to keep Davao Gulf free from foreign control.”

The whole area around the Gulf of Davao was under his control during his time.

He was of Kagan, Tausug and Maguindanawon ancestry and he settled in Bagobo land, which is now known as Davao.

Until 1840, Davao Gulf remained free of Spanish control because Datu Bago led the local chieftains in opposing the entry of Spaniards. Davao was the last unoccupied territory in the Philippines by the Spaniards.

In 1969, the city government, under the leadership of then Mayor Elias Lopez, created the Datu Bago Award as the highest award to be bestowed on a resident “who has contributed to the development of the City of Davao with exemplary competence and dedication and who best serves as a model of excellence and as an inspiration to the residents of Davao.”

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