MOTLEY| Z-Lovers Pilipinas Carnaval

ZIN Zoila Alvarado, a Costa Rican licensed Zumba Instructor, but based in Davao City, Philippines, have had her major Zumba Fitness with a memorable gathering of fitness professionals and enthusiasts from different parts of the region.

The Lovers.Z Fitness event was a charity Zumba Fitness Party for the benefit of the Don Bosco Educational Centers Philippines. The Don Bosco Educational Centers Philippines have been helping aspiring and deserving youth from less fortunate families finish their education and eventually land a decent and dignified job after school.

            The LOVERS.Z was a momentous event in Rancho Palos Verdes to celebrate three of the leading sub-special programs of Zumba Fitness: AQUA Zumba; Zumba SENTAO; and, Zumba FITNESS. Aqua Zumba is a Zumba Fitness Party in the swimming pool where participants are led to an energetic dance experience while in the pool. Professional and scientific Zumba Fitness routines are being implemented in this program to avoid untoward accidents and fitness injuries in the swimming pool.


THE PARTICIPANTS of the Aqua Zumba before hitting the swimming pool.

            Zumba Sentao, on the other hand, is a Zumba Fitness Party using the chair or any plastic chair as long as it is stable and sturdy enough to sustain the participant during the entire choreography. Sentao is Spanish term for “chair”, hence the program Zumba Sentao was coined. Likewise, the most prolific and most popular Zumba Fitness program is the Zumba Fitness Party itself, where people are brought to a raving Latin dance party where moves like salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia are main attractions.

            ZIN Zoila Alvarado was more than thankful to all who supported this charity event, especially to all Zumba Fitness Instructors who rendered their time and talent pro bono for the good cause of the Lovers.Z event. She was also sincerely indebted to the sponsors and supporters of the Zumba Fitness Carnival for a cause. And lastly, she feels accomplished for the help she have shared together with her friends and family to the mission and works of Don Bosco Educational Centers Philippines. FELICITACIONES Zoila!!!

            We share photos by RICH CRUE and ZIN Zoila Alvarado’s FB album.

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