MOTLEY| White house visit in Secdea

JANA AND I were feeling blessed when we were granted with a day off tour at the imposing white house in Secdea Beach Resort by our gracious host and friend from the Ladislawa Ageless Society, Ma’am Eve Afdal. The first time we had our special Zumba party at Secdea with the Ageless Society, the family rest house was still undergoing major construction and unfortunately during its blessing and opening to select special guests, we weren’t able to join the group because of some prior fitness commitments.

            Secdea Beach Resort is one of the best and luxurious beach resorts nowadays in Samal Island. And another great thing about Secdea Beach Resort is that it is very accessible from Babak Ferry Boat wharf. In less than 10 minutes, one can already reach Secdea via a motorcycle ride of 75 pesos only per person. Upon arriving at the Zen-type-Bali-inspired beach resort, one will be welcomed with a serene environment and awe-inspiring architectural structures.

            At the reception area, a quick glance at the trimmed hill is an amazing treat by just looking at its giant Secdea emblem visible even from the sea. A look up further is the view of a colossal white house standing like a majestic goddess sitting on her throne. The white house is a 124-step from the ground, it is open for viewing outside but not inside the house because it is only for the exclusive use of Secdea family, friends, and guests. Rooms inside the white house is not available for rent, however, walk-in and booked guests may choose room accommodations available for couples, group of friends, officemates, and big families in different strategic locations within the resort.

            The view from the Secdea White House is exquisite, where one can see the spotless sea separating the main Samal Island from two Ligid Islands. The picture of the view while standing from the white house is a relaxing boulevard in the guise of sand, sea, sun, and green mountains – perfect for meditation, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

            Secdea Beach Resort is located in San Isidro, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal. For inquiries, bookings and reservation, one may contact (082) 305-2774.

Photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.


THE MINI-bar at the second floor of the Secdea white house.

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