MOTLEY| The amazing OS Candyland yearend party

THE OFFSOURCING Philippines in Davao City is known for its extravagant yearend party annually especially dedicated for its battery of competent employees. From its equally awe-inspiring OS Winterwonderland Yearend Party 2014, Offsourcing Philippines Davao once again catered its indefatigable team members to a splendid night at the Davao Crocodile Park Grounds, partying all night with another amazing party theme: The OS Candyland.


THIS writer and photographer Jona Lou enjoying the abundant candies all over the OS Candyland.

It allows both small and large companies all over the world to utilize talents anywhere in the globe. Offsourcing have decided that they are a team that could not only help businesses “leverage the best global resources”, but also aim at helping individuals find a long term career they are passionate about. Upon opening a branch in the Philippines, Offsourcing Inc. saw an abundance of talented individuals with expert skills in various fields. It is for this year’s perfect reason that they nurture their people with an awesome get-together and recognize at the same time the efforts put into the company by these inspiring individuals.

The OS Candyland Yearend Party 2015 was another memorable experience for everyone as fantastic entertainment from Offsourcing employees themselves were in store for the night. As they all eagerly showcased their respective talents in OS Supernova Competition featuring celebrity look-alikes of Beyonce, Arriana Grande, Jessie J, and Katy Perry. Foods, drinks, and lots of partying was teeming in the entire venue, while an International Guest DJ set the tone to an startling rave night at the OS Candyland!

We share photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.

        P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Jabar Umpar, OS HR Manager for inviting us! Congratulations and more power!

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