MOTLEY| OSYEP 2016 Electronic Daisy Festival

THE OFFSOURCING Yearend Party was a bang as it showcased an electronic daisy festival for this year’s party theme. Electronic Daisy Festival or electronic daisy carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest type of music festivals in the world, which started in 1990 in Los Angeles and is a very popular electronic music party in Puerto Rico, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and India.

The flower daisy became a star in this kind of party as ladies used to put on daisy flower crowns over their head while partying on an open ground where EDC originated. Likewise, colors yellow and white were the perfect combo for the night as guests and hundreds of Offsourcing employees wore them while partying to the beat from an international DJ. Mixed drinks and beers were overflowing as mobile bars set themselves all over the sprawling venue that is, The View Davao.


OPENING Salvo with the Offsourcing CEO Johnny Cheng.

Offsourcing is one of the leading call center companies in the country as it boasts of a battery of dedicated personnel for the past 10 years. The OS Yearend Party was also the momentous commemoration of their 10th amazing year in the BPO industry. The party was dubbed with lots of hashtags such as #OSYEP2016, #OSam, and #OSamness.


THE OSYEP 2016 Party People!

Offsourcing leaders and dignitaries were all present to party with their fellow family members in the OS world. Even bigwigs from different Offsourcing clients were present that very night most of whom came from the US. It was indeed a night of fun and excitement as each individual were more than enthusiastic to dance the night away like they always do every yearend to usher the brand new year in the Offsourcing life with prosperity and endless opportunities!


TALENT is real with the Offsourcing dancers.

Photos from Johnnah Lou Bago, Karlo Flores, and Jabar Umpar! Thank you!

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