THE LOVE of some children for their mother may be  measurable but the love of all mothers for their children is beyond compare. Most children all over the world really make an extra effort to make their moms feel special, especially on their birthday.

I was moved when my good friend and colleague from UMFWC, Lotlot Amora, now Ma. Luz Newman, based in Virginia USA, requested me to grace the special birthday party that she and her sisters prepared for their mom’s 67th natal day.


NANAY Nery with sons-in-law.

She intentionally flew back to Philippines with her husband and daughter for barely two weeks just to celebrate her mom’s birthday and spend a few precious loving times with Nanay Nery. Hence, I unabashedly said yes to her invitation, being a mama’s boy myself.

Nanay Nery is a “Nanay” to all, from her kids, to sons-in-law, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, younger cousins, to even relatives and friends.

Why so? because she is so caring to everybody that they always feel Nanay Nery as their own mother too. She never treats anybody a stranger even on first meeting, and I was a living witness to this instant kindness.

Even if I am friend to her daughter Lotlot for quiet sometime already but I haven’t had the chance to see her personally in their abode in Tibungco, Davao City, which I haven’t had the luxury of visiting during our college years.

But the moment, I spoke as impromptu master of ceremony for her birthday party, she never failed to ask who I was. Upon knowing my name, she directly approached me and said words of thanks and acknowledged that she knew me as she had seen me in the photo albums of Lotlot. It was indeed a touching encounter.

The 67th special birthday party of Nanay Nery was a gathering full of love and care expressed for a mother, which was completed by a laughter-filled showcase from Digos Good Vibes.

Birthday messages for Nanay Nery filled the atmosphere as each one in the venue greeted her, headlined by Lotlot’s loving husband, Mr. Ron Newman. But the surprise presentation from her grandchildren Raven and daughter Lotlot was the most memorable part of the celebration, wherein Lotlot belted out her mom’s favorite “Kinsa Siya?” which Lotlot often sings in amateur singing contests in her younger years with her mom in tow.

Nanay Nery’s 67th Special Birthday Party was a perfect gift for a loving mother!

We share photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.

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