MOTLEY| Mardi Gras Christmas festival

CELEBRATING its 26th Christmas Festival, the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre spent a special day of merry-making and parade of fabulous Mardi Gras-inspired costumes wrapped with fun-filled Zumba Fitness Party! Mardi Gras is a well-known celebration in some parts of the US and in Latin America commonly called as “Fat Tuesday,” which is an occasion to enjoy the last day before the first day of the day of fasting on Ash Wednesday. But, what it is more memorable about is the colorful festivities that happen in this momentous day of fun and excitement.


PARTICIPANTS in the fabulous Mardi Gras costumes.

        Zumba Fitness Party! being a latin-based dance fitness exercise is a perfect combination for the Mardi-gras themed fitness party because dances such as Samba and Batucada are often performed in the Carnival in Brazil, which is a practically a Mardi Gras festival itself. The Mardi Gras Zumba Fitness Party was spearheaded by UMFWC Team N-tensity Licensed Zumba Instructors: ZIN Nino; ZIN Jana; ZI Jaylord; and ZI Jeneva. Guest Jammers were: ZIN Flor; ZIN Jenny; ZIN Sky; ZIN Rudy; ZIN Maricris; ZIN Prime; and, ZIN Rachel.

        The Mardi Gras Zumba Christmas Festival 2015 last December 12, was held at the UM Embassy Gym and was attended by UMFWC Fitness & Wellness Program students, former Special PE students, and ofcourse Zumba and dance fitness enthusiasts from different groups in Davao City, namely: Aerobics Club of Toril; Zumbazztic Divaz; Gulf View Zumba Group; NCCC Mall Zumba Goers; Davao Deaf Society friends; CAE Student Leaders; ZFDCG Friends; ADM; and, Aldub Davao Group.

        Mardi Gras Christmas Festival 2015 likewise express its heartfelt gratitude to the following for supporting the fabulous night of Christmas, Zumba Fitness, and Laughter: HOLIDAY Gym & Spa; RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.; BIOSKIN Tech Laboratory, Inc.; SECDEA Beach Resort; PERMEX – maker of Paradiso & King Cup sardines; VIRGINIA Food Products, Inc.; PHILFRESH Farms, Inc., Ladislawa Garden Village; Mindanao Times; NEON-JSR Printing & Allied Services; Engr. & Mrs. Edwin Tinio; ECJ Plastic Center; Maria Luz Newman; ZIN Sky; Ms. Amy Bandiola; MIHEF; and, Fashion Accessories On-Sale.

        We share photos by Joffer Aparis and Johnnah Lou Bago.

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