MOTLEY| Davao’s gelato on the road

AS THE food business in Roxas Street is booming, more and more new food carts are born in this corner of the city. Lately, Gelato On The Road by Crepelato, was conceptualized out of the idea that Davaoeños definitely have sweet tooth and love to eat desserts. But, Gelato On The Road, made this kind of sweet experience healthy and equally delicious for people from all walks of life to enjoy every night in Roxas Street.

Crepelato President Maria Victoria Evangelista said the aim of Gelato On The Road is provide people with healthy and delicious gelatos made purely from Davao produce like coconuts, cacao, durian, and jackfruit. It provides small-scale Davao growers and producers with good business, giving them a chance to earn.


(L-R) Crepelato CEO Vanessa Mondragon, Crepelato President Maria Victoria Evangelista , Dowie, and Nino Calamba.

It has has less sugar and low in fats, made purely from coconut milk. Its flavors include: Almond Chocolate, Jackfruit, and Durian. Its so-called Velgian cones and edible bowls are made of cacao, which proved once more that Gelato On The Road are proudly Davao made products. These three tasteful Cocolattos or Vegan gelatos (coconut plus gelato) are available in Roxas street at very affordable prizes.

        It is the first healthy vegan gelato in the city made with no eggs, no dairy products, gluten-free and all-natural. No preservatives, no artificial flavor, no coloring are used.


FRIENDS smiling heartily while enjoying Gelato on the road.

        We share photos from Gelato On The Road Facebook page and Johnnah Lou Bago.

        P.S. Thanks Dowie Kristian Gordo, for inviting us to try this healthy and delicious Gelato On The Road!

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