DANCING is an ancient form of art where a person uses his body language to convey message of joy, sorrow, and sometimes confusion. As can be read in the Bible, King David offers dances of praise to God in times of victory or in moments of defeat. One judge of a kid’s dance contest on TV even said: “Dancing is the most difficult kind of art”, precisely because it is when your spirit, soul, and physical body connive to bring you to oblivion. But in the modern times, dancing has invaded the fitness arena where enthusiasts use it as a tool to get into shape and reach their respective optimum fitness levels.


Dancing as a form of exercise have become rampant in this times as it doesnt act only as a way for people to sweat out and burn calories but as a chance for them to build community where friendship, sense of family, and fellowship abounds. In the advent of different dance fitness programs such Zumba Fitness and U-Jam Fitness, people were given the chance to go out of their houses and look forward to dancing for fitness and health side by side their BFFs and lovely neighbors and officemates. Parks, malls, villages, government agencies, and private companies are creating their very own dance fitness hive as they convene each and every week on specific days and time to do dance exercises together. This particular communion every week have made them healthy not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically.

These particular dance fitness communities and groups are growing hand in hand for fitness, health, and wellness. And most importantly, because of dancing for fitness together they were able to conceptualize and realize certain community-helping projects that is beneficial to the society such doing reach-out programs to charity institutions and the less fortunate, mounting a Zumba for a Cause, and raising fund to help a particular instructor who have just lost a loved one or a member who needs hospital assistance. But not only that, these particular groups are so bonded that they even enjoy life’s perks together like traveling during holidays, celebrating birthdays and special occasions, and boosting each others endeavors in ways only real friendship can do. All these happen because they are together in doing a simple and enjoyable thing called dance exercise — the beacon of their friendship, a community-builder!

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