MOTLEY| Baharat Kabsa in Bora

WHEN in Boracay, awesome and memorable gustatory satisfaction is a must, along with  the sand, sun, and “vitamin” sea.

Different kinds of cuisine are readily available in this internationally-acclaimed island destination, which is proudly a Filipino tourism pride. However, authentic Arabian cuisine was limited in this side of town considering the lack of turnout of Middle Eastern tourists coming to see the powdery white sand of Boracay annually.

Photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.


THE BAHARAT Kabsa Steakhouse in Boracay.

But Arabian tourists, who were used to traveling to Thailand rather than the Philippines, began to discover Boracay and have regularly been coming over in big numbers now. Hence, the need to offer meals ideal for their own tastebuds.

Arabian tourists usually don’t like exploring different kinds of foods even while in a different country, preferring their own cuisine.

It is but fortunate that a lovely couple from Davao City, Ali and Mary Ann, who owns the Mideast Mediterranean Cuisine and Restobar in Davao City, opened the Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse in D’ Mall, Boracay Island.

Sir Ali, who is from Saudi Arabia, is a Filipino by heart as he was married to Madam Mary Ann for several years already, with successful and responsible offspring to boot.

The Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse is the only Arabian restaurant in Boracay who offers authentic and originally-prepared Pita Bread, as Elisa the chief cook, was trained from an International Hotel in Kuwait for more than 10 years.

Kabsa is also one of the best foods offered in Baharat most especially their Goat Kabsa. A Molokhia soup, made of blended “saluyot” vegetable, is also the best detoxifying soup in their menu, which is best taken after enjoying a Pita bread with Hummus (blended white beans) as an appetizer. For westerners, this restaurant also offers steak combos.

The Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse is teeming with other tourists like South Koreans, Americans, Europeans, and even Filipinos every mealtime.

So when you have a chance to be in Boracay, visit Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse, located at D’ Mall, just three stalls awayfrom the main entrance. See you there!

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