MOTLEY| Auntie Sising: Our inspiration for kindness and humility

DR. CASILDA “Sising” Aparis, Doctor of Education, the Assistant Director of the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre, Vice-President of the Mary Immaculate Health & Educational Foundation, and Most Outstanding President of the Rotary International District 3860, is my role model of simplicity and a meek heart. Through all the times that I have witnessed her journey in life, she has shown gracious composure in dealing with the uncertain day to day living.


AUNTIE Sising during her 62nd Birthday.

   Sising, as she is fondly called by family, relatives and close friends, joined our Creator last July 24 after succumbing to complications brought about by her right brain tumor. Auntie Sising never complained aloud of any pain but instead chose to keep them to herself. Everytime I asked her in the hospital if her head was aching, she always move her head to signal “no” for an answer. She is definitely stronger than I thought she was. Auntie Sising passed away in her sleep surrounded by us her loved ones in the break of dawn. A family prayer was then offered for her eternal rest in peace. Auntie Sising was well-loved by her family up to her last breath.


CHRISTMAS 2014 with the family.

 As the Assistant Director of the UM Fitness & Wellness Centre, she always saw to it that thousands of its students every semester are taught not just about physical fitness but also with spiritual wellness. She kept telling our students to pray unceasingly because for her it is only through prayer that we can receive God’s grace and Divine intervention for our daily needs and supplications. She was UMFWC students’ avid prayer warrior. She loved our students so much that she kept telling them: “we extend our hands in friendship with you.” Surely, her gentle demeanor and sincere compassion for the enlightenment and upliftment of a God-centered life for our students will be greatly missed.


AUNTIE Sising with Ate Remy, her sister with Down’s Syndrome (center) and sister Espie (left).

  Auntie Sising is one of the strongest pillars of the Mary Immaculate Health & Educational Foundation, a 27 year-old foundation helping the less fortunate indigenous and marginalized out-of-school youth including other numerous charity works that deals with health, education, and community services. Together with her sister and partner, Professor Espie Chinel Aparis, Auntie Sising was able to surpass all the hardships and difficulties of maintaining the missions of the foundation and was always up and about ready to serve at all times and at whatever cost.


WELL wishing niece and nephews singing early morning birthday songs to Auntie Sising on her 63rd Birthday.


THIS writer and Auntie Sising relaxing in Panglao Island, Bohol.

She does the field work of keeping the papers of the Mary Immaculate Health & Educational Foundation always updated and bounded by the letters of the law, even if it takes her to be walking under the scorching heat of the sun and riding jeepneys and tricycles just to get to where she must be.

After completing a fruitful year of club presidency with the Rotary Club of South Davao, Dr. Casilda Aparis, was awarded as the Most Outstanding President of the Rotary International District 3860. She has carried out the ideals of Rotary unto her daily services to the community, steering RC South Davao to be awarded as the Most Outstanding Club as well. She often made time to visit the adopted schools and communities of the RC South Davao in order to make sure that services are continuously rendered to these particular recipients. And, in her own simple and humble ways, she made every moment with their beneficiaries worth meaningful by imparting in them Rotary’s motto and sharing to them her own motto: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul.”

Auntie Sising lived a life full of happiness and joy! Her prayerful life was an epitome of surrender to the awesome goodness of the Lord! Her love and prayer for Mama Mary made her very pleasing to God because she taught us to pray the Holy Rosary everyday. Auntie Sising will forever be remembered by us her family, and by her close friends and relatives, because in her simple kindness to each of us, a concerned and caring Auntie Sising shall be forever live in our hearts and minds. She left two words to Auntie Espie on her last night with us for us to remember and live by: “GUGMA ug PAGLA-UM (sa Ginoo) (Love and Hope in the Lord). We will miss you Auntie Sising! We Love You!

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