Minda investment ombudsman hits 100% disposition rate in ’17

THE OFFICE of the Ombudsman Mindanao (OMB-Min) reported the highest disposition rate for the investment ombudsman among the regional offices in the country in 2017.

The annual report of the Ombudsman showed that OMB-Min and OMB Central Offices both had 100% disposition rate of their investment ombudsman concerns, followed by OMB Visayas with an 86% disposition rate.

The investment ombudsman ensures that local and foreign companies will enjoy a good business climate in areas in the country where they want to invest.

Of the total 25 cases throughout the country, nine from the previous year and 16 newly docketed, 23 were disposed by the investment ombudsman. There were seven cases in Mindanao.

The investment ombudsman team was created by virtue of Office Order No. 327, series of 2014 which states that the team will take actions on the complaints filed by the investors on the “delay in the delivery of frontline services relating to the establishment or conduct of business; solicitation, demand or request by a government official or employee in exchange for the issuance of licenses, permits and certificates, the release of shipments and cargoes, as well as the arbitrary assessment of fees for the conduct of business.”

This also included the complaints on the “issuance of licenses, permits and certificates in relation to business to any person otherwise not qualified or legally entitled; and any other delay or refusal to comply with the referral or directive of the IOT.”

Meanwhile, the OMB-Min has disposed 38% of the fact-finding cases last year. Data from its annual report revealed that the OMB-Min had a total workload of 913 fact-finding cases in 2017.

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