Me or them

VM gives Hugpong ultimatum to sanction 70 brgy. captains for insubordination
VICE MAYOR Paolo Z. Duterte yesterday threatened to resign from Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod  if the party leadership will not drop 70 barangay captains from its roster.

The threat was in response to the report he allegedly received that the barangay officials have been attacking him over who to support in the congressional race in the third district.

In a letter addressed to City Administrator J. Melchor Quitain, also secretary general of the party, the vice mayor challenged the party leaders to do something since the barangay officials have been backing Alberto Ungab instead of Hugpong bet, Councilor Karlo Bello.

Alberto Ungab is the brother of incumbent Third District Rep. Isido Ungab. Former Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio also last week openly announced his support for the brothers.

Earlier, in an interview, Sara told reporters there was no bad blood between herself, Bello and Hugpong, even as she is campaigning to come back to city hall this May.

“I was myself a newbie to politics, and I’m sure that Alberto can be like his brother Sid,” Sara told the gathering of Ungab supporters.

Sara and Paolo, meanwhile, both say that they were not sure whether Sara was a member of Hugpong. She said earlier that she considered herself a guest candidate.

The vice mayor, meanwhile, gave Quitain a list of the 70 barangay leaders who have been seen supporting Ungab.

“As you are aware, several of these delinquent members also attacked me, may it be of political or personal in nature.”

“And this issue raised a negative attitude towards party members who are loyal and true to our political mandate.”

“The impact of political party on the work of the government and on the conduct of its members is critical,” Duterte said in a copy of a letter dated Mar. 29.

“In cases wherein political party members will for some reason defy the official party line-up during this 2016 election, disciplinary action such as removal from the party [should be given] for those members who have breached party discipline.”

Duterte was disgusted over the actions of the third district barangay officials, and he said that he could no longer be part of the party that is not united.

“Rest assured that I will remain faithful to the Hugpong goals … and that is to help the Dabawenyos,” Duterte said.

Asked whether there could be a backlash to the barangay leaders as an aftermath of the divided support in the third district, the vice mayor said Tuesday “We will see after the elections.”