Mayor signs order for waste-to-energy teams

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has signed an order creating the project management group for a waste to energy project.

Signed on July 2, Executive Order No. 18 series of 2018 identifies members of the committees tasked to come up with the details of the project

The Japanese government approved a five-billion yen amount for the project.

The project management group is composed of the following units:

- legal and financial unit, which shall render, identify and recommend legal and financial advice or directions which the project must pursue. It shall review, and when necessary, come up with contracts or stipulations, and financial calculations to ensure the attainment of project deliverables and the protection of the interests of the City of Davao;

- solid waste management unit, which shall come up with ways to improve solid waste management in the city such as the segregation, collection, disposal etc., with the end view of ensuring the successful operation of the facility to be built. The unit shall formulate and execute effective stakeholder engagements and plans to aid the project;

- and, administrative unit, which a shall serve as the PMT Secretariat tasked to handle all administrative and/or secretarial related activities. It shall ensure all meetings and activities of the PMT are effectively organized and recorded. It has the responsibility to provnde and maintain effective records and administration of all project related documents and other effects.

The project management team is assigned to design the funding proposal and other requirements of the project.

Mayor Duterte ordered all city hall units to cooperate in the project and encouraged national agencies to do the same.

Even with the very strict solid waste management ordinance, the city still hauls tons of garbage every day to its sanitary landfill.

Most of the street cleanups are done by sweepers and there is no clean as you go (Claygo) ordinance yet.

The city is usually strict with garbage, with collection strictly limited to 6 p.m. down.

This means people are only allowed to throw garbage in plastic bags from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

People who throw away trash outside the designated hours are fined P200 for the first offense and subjected to a seminar.

If the offender does not pay the fine at the City Treasury, the offender’s name is forwarded to the police who will file a case in court.

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