Mayor Sara to City Hall druggies: Submit and we’ll help

MAYOR Sara Duterte said the city government is willing to help drug-addicted City Hall employees should they voluntarily submit themselves.

“We are willing to help them if they would submit themselves to rehab and counseling since the city also owns a rehab center that is easy for them to access,” Mayor Duterte said.

The mayor issued the statement after three City Hall workers were tested positive in a surprise drug test. The three workers – all assigned to the City Traffic Management Office – were immediately terminated from the service.

Duterte said more random surprise drug tests will be conducted to check if there are still government employees who are using illegal drugs.

Pursuant to Civil Service Commission Circular No. 13, all government employees, whether plantilla or job order positions, will have to undergo the mandatory drug test.

Michael Denton Aportadera, the action officer of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC), said that drug users in the government should face termination from service under the Civil Service Law

In a press release issued by the City Information Office, Aportadera said the three workers were among the 1,127 government workers who underwent the random drug test conducted since last month.

“We did the confirmatory test for the three employees after they tested positive, and it turned out that there were indeed traces of illegal substances in the urine samples submitted for the test,” Aportadera in a statement.

Mayor Duterte and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte were among those who were subjected to drug test last Oct. 10. Both were tested negative.

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