Mayor Sara mulls directive on cleanup of coasts each month

MAYOR Sara Duterte-Carpio is seeking the help of stakeholders for the possible monthly cleanups along the city’s coastal barangays.

 Mayor Duterte met with environmentalists earlier this week to discuss their inputs on a waste-to-energy power plant being proposed to be constructed here.

 Interface Development Interventions executive director Chinkee Pelino Golle, speaking at the weekly iSpeak forum at City Hall, said that Mayor Duterte is seeking the help of the environmentalists groups in the city, as well as other stakeholders.

 Mayor Duterte is considering the drafting of an executive order for the monthly coastal cleanup.

 “The ocean is already so polluted,” Golle said. “Mayor Duterte is asking for our help.”

 The local government here is seeking solutions to improve its solid waste management program under the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro).

 Among the proposed solutions is the proposal of the Japanese government to fund a massive materials recovery facility (MRF) to help decongest the city’s dumpsite. The city’s solid waste management program is still not fully implemented despite the ordinance that requires segregation at source.

 This means that households are required to throw only residual wastes that can no longer be used at garbage collection sites, and only during designated disposal hours beginning 6 p.m. every night.

 Much of the waste found at the coastlines are a mix of residual and organic waste, which includes even fecal matter from nearby homes.

 The city’s environmental laws include a Septage Ordinance, which requires homes and establishments to invest in septic tanks.

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