Mayor Sara hits at ‘opportunist’ senators for criticizing President

MAYOR Sara Duterte-Carpio has called out opposition senators for switching sides after once courting her father, now President Rodrigo Duterte.

 In a Facebook post Thursday morning, the mayor berated senators Francis Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, and Antonio Trillanes for once seeking favor from then mayor Duterte.

 She was commenting on the emergence of group “Tindig Pilipinas,” which was launched last September to protest against extrajudicial killings.

 She added called the Tindig Pilipinas as “Hunger Games Pilipinas,” referring to the similar three-finger salute that the group has adopted in public appearances.

 The mayor said that Pangilinan once approached then-Mayor Duterte to seek his endorsement about running for the Presidency.

 “Several years ago nagkita tayo dito sa (we met in) Davao, sa isang golf club, pinuntuhan mo si (you went to see) PRD. Gusto mo tumakbo Presidente, ansabe mo (you want to run as president, what did you say)? ‘With Sharon’s indorsement and your (PRD) indorsement I’m sure I can make it.” Dati pa-indorse ka sa kanya ngayon may pa hunger games salute effect ka,” she said.

 She added that Hontiveros chased her around her father was on the road for his presidential campaign.

 “Habang tinutulungan ko si PRD at ang nanay ko mangampanya, nasa byaheng du30 ako, ilang beses mo ako inabala, kinulit at tinawagan para humingi ka ng tulong sa boto mo sa Davao City(While I was helping PRD and my mother in the campaign through the Byaheng DU30, how many times you disturbed and pestered me asking help to secure votes for you in Davao City)? I can remember your bored face listening to me in our law office just so you can get support for Davao,” Mayor Sara said.

 Meanwhile, Mayor Sara recalled she never gave Trillanes any time, even if he had reportedly sent feelers to speak with her.

 “Years ago, nagrequest ka makipag kita sa akin dito sa (you requested to meet me in) Davao, nasa Damosa ka, ano sabi ko sa emissary mo? No. You know why? I never liked your circus sa Manila Peninsula. Pero meron ako picture na nakipagkita ka kay PRD kasi humingi ka ng tulong niya sa (but I have a picture when you meet with PRD because you asked for help in your) VP campaign mo,” the Mayor said.

 The Mayor, however, has so far spared Vice President Leni Robredo, who is emerging as one of the figureheads of the opposition.

 “VP Robredo – I’ll reserve my remarks kasi sabi mo naman hindi ka (because you said you’re not a) member ng Hunger Games Pilipinas,” the mayor said.

 Mayor Duterte said she can produce proof and corroborative witnesses of all her claims. She questioned why the opposition senators did not have issues with President Duterte when they were asking for his help. She then proceeded to call the three legislators as “opportunists.”

 “I grew up in politics, mas matagal pako sa pulitika kesa sa inyo (I spent longer in politics more than you) 3 combined. I smell ambition a million miles away,” she said, adding that the strategy will backfire on the three senators.

 She ended, “You think this circus will help you win seats in 2022? No.”

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